Spring Inspiration


The warm sun trickling in through the gray clouds slowly melts the pounds of snow that layer the thawing earth. The chirping of birds and the bright blue skies hint at the warm weather approaching ever so slowly. As much as I love the warm weather that spring inevitably brings, it’s the inspiration I find at this time of year that I look forward to the most.

The inspiration of a group of girls who start as individuals and end their twelve week journey coming together as a team…even family. A group of girls who set out to find out more about themselves…to set goals…to learn how to work together… their beliefs and values…all through  a wonderful program known as Girls on the Run.

This amazing group of girls will face the ultimate goal…a 5k race at the culmination of their program. A feat that many view impossible the first few days of practice. I know that as a nine year old, I would be intimidated, overwhelmed, filled with self-doubt even. But these girls aren’t…these girls are excited for the challenge. They know they will accomplish their goal, and will have fun doing it- while stopping to learn more about themselves along the way.

Their laughs are contagious. The cheers they create to encourage, and support, their teammates as they are running (or walking…or skipping…or twirling) turn the “I cant’s!” into “I can’s.” The high fives, the smiles, the positive attitudes, the teamwork, the support… inspires me.

Inspires me to face challenges head on with a smile. To lean on my team for support. To be more supportive. To be more encouraging. To stand up for what I believe in…even if no one agrees. To know that things may be challenging, but there will always be people to support you. To believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. To pull our my yucky, brown cord and plug in my bright, sparkly chord (GOTR coaches…that one was for you!)

inspiration can be found anywhere in the spring time. But I will be looking for it in the faces of nine young girls who’s vocabulary’s lack the words, “I can’t.”



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  1. Those girls are going to have the best experience ever! Enjoy every moment with them and know that you are making such a positive impact on them! I am excited to get my run on with these girls:)

  2. I love Girls on the Run! Last year, we had 25 girls, all shapes and sizes, run in the Denver GOTR race at City Park. I went and watched and held everyone’s stuff. So grateful that there are people like you who donate their time and make this tremendously positive experience possible. Thank you!

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