One little Word


Once a week, my students are given the opportunity to think of a word that they would like to write about. They are given an opportunity to reflect on their memories, thoughts, concerns, hopes, dreams, fears… I love that for many of my students, they take the time to really think, and write, about what is important to them.

This week, I happened to come across the video,”Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often” and just knew I had to share it with my students. I wanted them to see the innocence in which this little boy viewed the world, and reflect on the choice of words they use daily and how they treat others.

And reflect they did on one word or phrase that they think people should say more often(words of wisdom from my insightful 7th graders):

“Think of all the joy that comes to a gentle soul when they hear those wonderful words, ‘I bought you Jolly Ranchers!’ Most people I know really enjoy them. With that being said, it’s better to make somebody happy for one day than to fill their heads with meaningless words and your negative feelings for them. Be a watermelon jolly rancher and make somebody happy.”

“Telling someone you care for their feels is something more people should say. Some people need to hear these words so they know somebody is there for them. They want to know that if they feel down they can run to that person who does care for their feelings. They need to know they have someone that will never leave their side and they you can always count on when times get rough…like me.”

“Not everyone is going to agree all the time. It is important to say that ‘I disagree with you, but your ideas are still great.’ You don’t have to call someone’s idea or opinion stupid or make them feel bad because they had a different thought. Everyone thinks differently and that’s okay. It’s not okay to knock someone down and belittle their opinions. We are all different, and that’s okay!”

And with that being said…Choose to be a jolly rancher!


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  1. I love Kid President! And I love how you used it with your students! I will never eat another Jolly Rancher (which are made about 20 minutes from my house!) without thinking of this! Thanks!

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