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May 31, 2013


May 31, 2013 started off like any other day. I woke up, running late of course, and got ready to head into school for the last half day of the year. Little did I know, I was about to be greeted with an exciting addition into my family. Around noon, I received a text from my older sister Kelli, who was pregnant with her first child, telling me she was getting settled in at the hospital. Baby girl Emersyn was on her way and would be here soon! My heart started beating quickly and a huge smile lit up my face. I was about to become an aunt for the first time!

Finally, at 5:10 p.m. I was greeted with an incoming text message…a picture of my beautiful new niece Emersyn! I rushed to the hospital eager to meet this little girl. The moment I held her in my arms, I knew I was in love. She was perfect….bright blue eyes, a head of dark hair, and the sweetest button nose. Her cooing noises just melted my heart as I snuggled her in my arms.

As wonderful a moment it was, it also made me think. Made me think of all the moments my sister and I had shared growing up; from playing house and school in the basement with our stuffed animals, to eavesdropping on phone calls, getting grounded for missing curfew, and going on vacations together. We have shared so many moments together- the good and the bad, the small and the big- all memories that I cherish. And all memories that I cannot wait to share with Emersyn as she grows older.