Monthly Archives: May 2013

They Changed Me…


Ever since I can remember, I have dreamt of becoming a teacher. I couldn’t wait to work with kids, share my love of reading and writing, and wanted nothing more than to change the world…or at least the world of one kid.

But what nobody prepares you for is how these kids change your life…

My wonderful, stubborn, challenging, inspirational, funny, creative students make me into a better person everyday. They force me to:

Appreciate what I have. I am healthy. I have a loving family that supports me. I have a wonderful career. I am doing what I love… What could be better?

Laugh at the small things. Not everything has to be so serious…Let loose.

Revel in mistakes. They are there for a purpose…for us to learn and grow from.

 Slow down. Enjoy the small moments that might go passed unnoticed.

Be a role model: be the person I expect my students to be: honest, caring, compassionate, trustworthy, open minded…

Not sweat the small stuff… It’s okay if things don’t go the way you intended…tomorrow is a new day.

Forgive.  Everyone makes mistakes. Even teachers.

Love deeply.

My goal was simple. Follow my dreams, become a teacher, change the world. But what I didn’t expect was that these wonderful, stubborn, challenging, inspirational, funny, creative students… would change me.